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Sticky Post

Welcome to Flashpoint SRU, the place where you can post all your Flashpoint drabbles!

Every Monday a new prompt is provided. All past prompts remain open. You can find them in our PROMPTS POST. If you want to suggest a prompt or have any ideas you want to share, please leave a comment in our SUGGESTIONS POST.

If you're looking for little fic to read, you can find it in our FLASHPOINT MEMORIES by prompt title or in our AUTHOR MASTER LIST by author.

If you want to get to meet the other members, please kindly comment on our GETTING TO KNOW YOU POST.

Have a good time!


Your co-mods, lillyg and paranoid_woman

A Christmas Conspiracy. Team. G.

Title: A Christmas Conspiracy
Author: tristen84
Characters: Team
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Word count: approx. 915.

Warnings: Spoilers for season 4 finale Slow Burn. Also, fluff.
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters in this story. Wish I did!
Prompt: Family

Summary: the team have kept a secret from Greg. 
Special thanks to loisarahfor the beta :o) Any and all remaining mistakes are mine.

A Christmas ConspiracyCollapse )

A Spot of Bother. Team. G.

Title: A Spot of Bother
Author: cynicalshoes
Characters: Team
Prompt: #17 - outfit
Rating: G
Word Count: 400
Summary: Team One has Hallowe'en off. But they’re on call somewhere else.
Warnings: Absolute fluff. S4 team.
Notes: And with a few hours to spare, here's a Hallowe'en ficlet.
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine.

( A Spot of Bother )

Announcement - Prompt #125 Reconciliation

It's Monday again!

Prompt #125 is Reconciliation! :D


Your Mods

Title: A Burden Shared
Author: tristen84
Characters: Spike, Jules
Rating: G
Genre: gen
Prompt: friendship
Word Count: 643
Warnings/Spoilers: Minor spoilers for 4x06 A Day In The Life.
Disclaimer: The characters nor the SRU are mine. I wish!
Summary: Missing scene for A Day In The Life. Spike and Jules have a talk about losing friends.

Special thanks to loisarahfor the beta :o)
A Burden SharedCollapse )

Home Ice. Spike/Sam. PG

Title: Home Ice
Author: cynicalshoes
Characters: Spike/Sam
Prompt: #124 Epiphany
Rating: PG
Word Count: 200
Summary: Boys. They can never just say what they mean, can they?
Notes: Something a little happier this time.
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine.

( Home Ice )

"Apocalyspe", Sam, Spike, Ed, Rated G

Title: Apocalypse
Author: darkseeradept
Characters: Sam, Spike, Ed
Word Count: 600
Prompt: #105 The End
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Everyone needs a plan, even if you don’t believe in them.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Flashpoint.

I’m so sorry everyone, I really miss this place but I’ve been out with a broken arm (right), a sprained wrist (left), two broken ribs and a concussion the size of the glare off Ed’s head. Now that my left arms doing better it’s not as hard to type so I’ll hopefully be getting back into the swing of things. XD I have missed so many episodes!

“TheCollapse )

HTML fail.

Announcement: Sunday Prompt #124: Epiphany

Hi there!

We've had a lovely drabble this weekend! Way to motivate us to post a new prompt! Thanks cynicalshoes, you're awesome!

So this week prompt is EPIPHANY!

I hope you'll be inspired!



Family First. Spike/Sam. PG.

Title: Family First
Author: cynicalshoes
Characters: Spike/Sam
Prompt: #88 spaghetti
Rating: PG
Genre: Slash
Word Count: 100
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Notes: *pokes fandom* Here, have an angsty drabble.
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine.

( Family First )

Announcement: Sunday Prompt #122 Sweet

Hello again!

This week's prompt is #122 SWEET...

Write, write, write, see you soon!



New prompt and episode discussion for 4x08

Hi everyone!


This week at flashpoint_sru the new prompt is HOSPITAL! We hope that will inspire you!

Episode discussion 4x08:

We are trying to revved up the fandom, so we are launching episode discussions every new episode broadcasted...

This week is also an awesome week because there was a new episode last night with the 4x08... What were your impressions on it? Did you like? Dislike? What did you think? Come and interact, let us know what you think in the comments!



Announcement: Sunday Prompt #120: HEROES

Hi everyone!

After a well needed break for me (and a laptop not working and internet not working too, yuck!), flashpoint_sru is back for a new prompt this week.

Today, though, is not a funny day, but more a day for remembrance. 10 years ago, as everyone knows, some nutjobs decided to crash planes into buildings, changing the face of the world. That day, many people died, and a lot of them died while trying to rescue them. Ten years later, people are still dying from the after effects of the tower collapsing while they were rescuing: lung diseases, cancers, PTSD, and so on. We thought that the perfect prompt for the week would be HEROES (sorry for the one following hawaii_5_0_100 too if it's the same).

Heroes are not only policemen, firemen or medics. We can also have a thought for the people from the flight 93 who decided to precipitate their fate but overpowering the terrorists and crashing their planes before they could do any more damages and hurt people. That was one of the bravest act I've seen so far. We also have to remember soldiers fighting for our freedom, people risking their life on daily basis to help and rescue populations, journalists who put their lives at risk in order to provide us information which allow us to think by ourselves and not fall into propaganda, and so many people doing that in the world on daily basis to make a better world.

I hope this prompt will inspire you.What do you think Greg, Ed, Wordy, Spike, Lou and everyone else were doing this fatidic day? How did it affect their lives? Did their lose any loved ones?

Have a nice week,


Monday Prompt: #119 Memories


Enjoy your new prompt, #119 Memories! Doesn't that give you material to write?

Please note that we have posted the first story for the Cadavre Exquis Challenge, team Gen! Go read!

Link here: http://flashpoint-sru.livejournal.com/95509.html

Enjoy your week!


Your mods

Cadavre Exquis - Team Gen!

Hello there!

Finally, it's here! The Cadavre Exquis Challenge is finally posted today! This is the story written by Team Gen!

Pretties for the participants coming next week. Enjoy!

Team: Gen
Characters: Sam, the team
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers: “Mommy!” It’s a deafening scream that almost drowns out the next shot.
Disclaimer: The authors do not own Flashpoint.
Authors: hope_tang, paranoid_woman, justicerocks_ff.

Read MoreCollapse )

A Team Again, gen

Title: A Team Again
Author: darkseeradept
Characters: Surprise!
Word Count: 800 (ficlet)
Prompt: #100 Team
Rating: gen
Warnings: Dead people.
Spoilers: For Behind the Blue Line
Summary: “They were his musketeers, those guys meant everything to him… he lost them.” Now he just got them back.

Disclaimer: I wants it… badly. I was a little hesitant about the title on this one, I don't think I like it, but I honeslty can't think of a better one to use.

“Team”Collapse )

'Vocation needs a Vacation', Sam, gen

Title: Vocation needs a Vacation
Author: darkseeradept
Characters: Sam
Word Count: 400
Prompt: #93 Hawaii
Rating: gen
Warnings: some spoilers for before Perfect Storm
Spoilers: read above
Summary: A getaway sounded good right about now.

Disclaimer: Not Mine. :x

“Hawaii”Collapse )

Our big comeback!

Hello, there, Flashpoint fans!  

The community is back as from today, and we want to thank everyone who has supported us since the beginning. We know that Flashpoint is a small fandom but we do our best to keep you inspired!   We have lots of news!

  + We are giving out 10 new prompts! Please check out prompt list. We will also keep posting the Monday prompt every week.

            #109 Fan
            #110 Cat
            #111 Rookie
            #112 Robbery
            #113 Signals
            #114 Backup
            #115 Date
            #116 Geek
            #117 Lonely
            #118 Grieving

  + Ficlets are now allowed, because you need more space to develop your plots! Feel free to write and post any story from 600 to 1,000 words. We will create a ficlet tag to keep these stories apart from the drabbles.

  + We have two new sections!

              - Episode discussions for each season! They are listed under the episode discussion tag. You can check the Season 1 discussion post already!

               - Adopt a plot bunny! Please feel free to leave comments with ideas for stories + a prompt from flashpoint_sru so others can adopt them here!

  + Remember the Cadavre Exquis challenge we came up with last year? Well, after all this time, it’s getting posted very soon! Please look for pretties made for the participants –they’ll be posted after the challenge.

See? Big news!  

Since a little promotion has never hurt anybody, please feel free to adopt a banner for the comm. You can find them in our profile under the "Spread the flashpoint_srulove" title. They are a smaller version of our header image. And thanks for pimping the comm out there!  

See you around, we’re back and reloaded! We hope you enjoy the new sections and prompts!


 - Your Mods

Adopt a plot bunny!


Is there a story that you have in mind but you can not find the time or the inspiration to write?

Is there an idea haunting you but you would like someone else to write it?

Is there a plot waiting to be developed asap?

Then this is your post!

Please leave a comment with your plot bunny and offer a prompt to match it, so others can pick it up and write it for you!

Let's keep the stories coming!


Your Mods

Discussion post: season 1

Hi everyone! 
flashpoint_sru is back on track and we thought we should try to make this fandom more alive than it is right now on LJ, so we are coming with new stuffs. Right now, no more new episodes until a while, so we decided to go back to the previous seasons. Well all love this show so much that I'm sure you watch old episodes from time to time.

So what are your thoughts on what happened in the first season? What hit you the most? What did you like? What did you hate? What's your favorite episode? Why did this show caught your eyes?

For me it was actually Sam's ones, one look and I was a goner. Then we met Spike, and damn if he didn't challenge Sam with his geekiness , his fun and his looks.

Any comment is welcomed and we look forward to reading it... Come on! We know you wanna share!

Better than Dogs, SamxJules, gen

Title: Better than Dogs
Author: darkseeradept
Word Count: 300
Prompt: #103 Chocolate
Rating: gen
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Little bit of Jam, like a cup full at most.
Summary: When they said that dogs were a mans best friend they had been screwing around

Disclaimer: Come the Zombie Apocalypse, they will be mine.

“Chocolate”Collapse )


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