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flashpoint_sru's Journal

Flashpoint SRU
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Weekly Prompts for Flashpoint Drabbles!

Welcome to flashpoint_sru, the place where you can share your Flashpoint drabbles!

Your co-mods are lillyg and paranoid_woman.

How does flashpoint_sru work?

Every Monday a new prompt will be provided because we try to inspire our authors as much as we can. Occasionally, a special weekend prompt suggested by readers and/or writers in our SUGGESTIONS POST will be provided on Fridays.

So writers, feel free to get inspired and write! Readers, please feed the writers! They take our little prompts and turn them into wonderful stories for everyone to read.

Every prompt posted to this community will be stored in our MEMORIES. Feel free to read as much as you want and especially to give feedback to our authors.



You can find all our past and current prompts in our PROMPT POST. They are always available for you to inspire yourself. Thank you.

Do you want to suggest a prompt? Please leave your suggestion in our SUGGESTIONS POST. Thank you.

Do you want to read what our great writers have created? Feel free to go to our MEMORIES.



1. Play nice. Constructive criticism is okay but flaming won't be allowed. We also keep the right to delete a comment or a story that would severely affect people's integrity. So behave and be nice!

2. All drabbles should contain exactly 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 words, but we are not such sadists!

3. All past prompts remain open so if any of them makes a little idea pop into your head, go for it.

4. All genres (gen, het, slash) and all ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) are allowed. Please, try to make sure you rate your story properly. No Real Person Fic and no underage sex (with minors under 16).

5. Please, remember to include a header with basic data about your story (that also means pointing out the prompt you used). This header should at least contain the next information:

Word Count:
Genre (slash, gen, het):
Warnings (if applicable - rape, non-con, character death, violence):
Betas (if applicable):
Author's notes (if applicable):

This information will help your mods tag every story properly and make it easier for the readers to find the kind of drabbles they want to read.

6. Please write the appropriate spoiler warnings. That goes even for episodes that had been already released in Canada but not in the United States.

7. The famous LJ-cut is your friend. Use it to hide your story so you save space in everyone's friends lists.

8. You don't have to worry about tagging, your mods will gladly do it for you.

9. No off topic posts unless the mods specifically authorize them. If you are not sure about something, ask first.

10. Writers and readers - you all enjoy the fun, the fics, the atmosphere. Knock yourself out.

11. If your journal is f-locked, post the fic directly on flashpoint_sru. We are not supposed to HAVE to add you as a friend to read your entry.

12. The title of your entry has to be "TITLE, CHARACTERS/PAIRING, RATING"




Contact info

If you have any questions, you can contact your co-mods lillyg and paranoid_woman.



flashpoint_fic, run by joyfulfeather! Go check the great stories that are posted there.

slashpoint, run by bloody_adorable and eviltwin! Lots of slashy goodness related to your favorite Flashpoint men.

samjules, run by wordsflow! A wonderful community where you'll find everything related to Sam and Jules.

If you'd like to affiliate to this community, please contact your co-mods lillyg and paranoid_woman.


Spread the flashpoint_sru love!





None of us (co-mods, writers, readers) own anything related to Flashpoint or any resources you can find in this community. Flashpoint is property of Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern and CBS.



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